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Divorce Attorney Fees

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Need an attorney but think you cannot afford one?

Crimins Law is different. Many hardworking Volusia County residents earn too much money to qualify for free Legal Aid or their case presents a conflict for Legal Aid but have found that they cannot afford to hire a private attorney.  The gap in affordable legal services are well documented. At Crimins Law we recognize this challenge and are committed to helping individuals and families of lower to middle income, modest means, to obtain compassionate competent legal representation. We work with individuals and families to assist them with their legal needs at affordable rates and with payment plans that meet most budgets. We strongly believe that Everyone deserves a lawyer.

Representation based upon hourly fees may not always be the best option for you. We also offer flat fee arrangements, limited scope representation and document preparation services. 

The first step is to determine if an hourly retainer is the best option for your case. Crimins Law offers several options "unbundled", limited scope, and flat fee services that may be a better option for you and/or be more affordable. 

Our fee rates do not include any costs (e.g., filing fees, service fees, postage, mileage, etc.) associated with your particular legal issues. Clients will be responsible for all costs in addition to attorney’s fees.

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