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We understand that, in these tough economic times, hiring a lawyer to handle your entire divorce or family law case may simply not be financially possible. The attorneys at Crimins Family Law & Conflict Solutions Firm provide limited legal services. Limited legal services are also referred to as “unbundled legal services”, “limited scope representation”, “ghost writing”, or “discrete task representation.” This means that the attorney provides only a limited scope ("a la carte") of legal services as requested and purchased by the client. The attorney’s relationship does not exceed the limited scope of work we have agreed to perform on the client's behalf.This means that we can provide you with representation on a limited basis. Would you like us to review a settlement agreement or some other document? Allowing us to handle smaller, more complex aspects of your case can save you a significant amount of time and help you avoid costly mistakes and frustrated judges. Depending on the service selected we can help on a flat fee or hourly basis, and there is no obligation to hire us for full representation.

limited scope representation


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