Mediation is a voluntary process. In mediation a neutral third-party called a “mediator” meets with the parties together, or with the parties and their attorneys, to assist them in reaching an agreement. The mediator facilitates communication between the participants, clarifies issues, explores each party’s needs and interests, and helps the participants consider options for settlement. The mediator is not going to make decisions or rulings and does not give legal advice. The mediator may make suggestions of how the parties issues can be resolve.

In mediation the parties may resolve a single issue or the entire case. The agreements reached in mediation are not limited by the results available under the law, so mediated solutions can more easily accommodate the circumstances of individual cases. The parties are able to establish workable solutions with the opportunity to be as creative as necessary to establish an agreement that meets the needs of the parties and their children.

​An agreement reached in mediation is binding once it is signed and later it generally becomes a court order. A party cannot be forced to accept a decision in mediation, and participating in mediation does not affect a party’s right to a court hearing. If an agreement is not reached a party may continue through the court system.

​Mediation is private and confidential. The sessions are conducted in the mediator’s office. Anything spoken or written during mediation by any of the participants is confidential and may not be disclosed to the Court or any other person without the consent of the participants.

Heidi M. Crimins is a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Mediator and is available to mediate family disputes of all types. The attorneys at Crimins Family Law and Mediation are also available to attend mediation with you and assist you through the negotiating and resolution process.  Call Crimins Family Law & Mediation today for a free consultation (386) 960-7668. We are happy to discuss what options are available to you to resolve your family law dispute.

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